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Laying the Foundation is a podcast by CMBA Architects, created to give you insight into us, along with some great guests and thought points. Join our hosts, Brian and Skyler, as we cover various architectural topics and the sectors we serve, including healthcare, education, senior living and more. You can expect to hear from multiple architects on our team, and you'll learn more about who they are through our Behind the Blueprint mini-series and listen to them speak about their expertise across various topics.

Every episode will be something new, and we hope you'll enjoy listening as much as we enjoy creating this podcast.


You can listen to all our episodes here and wherever else you listen to podcasts. 

Designing for Gen Z

Today we sit down for an insightful conversation with Interior Designer Cathy Koch and Architect Anna Bednarko as they share their expertise on designing spaces for higher ...

Hands-On STEM Learning with Designers

In this exciting episode of Laying the Foundation, we take a hands-on journey into the world of architecture and design and how we can bring that world to K12 students. We sent a ...

CMBA's Unique Approach to Architecture Design

In this episode, we sit down with Brian Crichton, the CEO of CMBA Architects, to explore the firm's unique approach to architecture and design. From their visionary mission to ...

The Benefits of Personalizing Healthcare Spaces with Art

Join us as we delve into the fascinating realm of healthcare design with our talented interior designer, Kylee Hulet. In this insightful conversation, Kylee shares her expertise ...

Behind the Blueprint With Matt Bennett

Join us in a captivating conversation with our esteemed architect, Matt Bennett, as we unravel the fascinating journey that led him to choose the path of architecture and, ...

Shaping Tomorrow's Office: A Deep Dive into Flexible Workspace Design

In this episode, we sit down with architect Lee Beukelman and interior designer Morgan Driskell to embark on a deep dive into the realm of flexible workspace design. Drawing from ...

Designing for the Challenges of Rural Healthcare

In our latest podcast episode, architect Terry Glade and Floyd Valley Healthcare CEO Dustin Wright join me to navigate the complex landscape of rural healthcare design. We dive ...

Designing Healthy Learning Spaces for K12

Join our K12 expert architect, Lee Beukelman, as he unveils the art and science behind crafting healthy, sustainable learning environments. From boosting student engagement to ...

Honorable Grounds - Designing a Veteran's Cemetery

In this poignant episode, join us as architect Matthew Bennett shares his profound experience in designing the Nebraska Veterans Cemetery in Grand Island. Matthew delves into the ...
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Brian Crichton

Brian is our host, CEO and Principal Architect. Brian’s fascination with architecture started as a kid with engines, motorcycles, go-karts, anything that could go! Eventually transitioning into building materials and construction, Brian has always been interested in how materials and parts go together to create something more than themselves.

Skyler Gorsett

Skyler is not just one of our hosts, but he’s also the show’s producer! When it comes to digital content, Skyler considers himself a jack of all trades. If he’s not proficient with it, he has at least dabbled in it. Everything from end-to-end video production to audio production… even a little animation!


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